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WMD2: An Enterprise PDM Success Story

WMD2: An Enterprise PDM Success Story


We at MLC CAD Systems are (obviously) believers in the Enterprise PDM product. Every day we get asked the question, “Why would my business need EPDM?” Luckily, it’s not a hard sell once the benefits of this amazingly powerful Product Data Management software are described.

If your company is a one or two man shop where designs are easily passed back and forth between designers, Enterprise PDM probably isn’t for you. However, once the total number of SolidWorks users exceeds four, juggling design input from that many designers can get dicey. Who’s working on Project X right now? What if Designer 1 has just put in 4 hours on a design, but forgets to send out the most recent model to Designers 2-5? This is where EPDM steps in and clears up all of the clutter and confusion that can develop in a workflow that relies on passing SolidWorks files back and forth.

Our Applications Experts our out in the field every day spreading the gospel of EPDM. We’re lucky enough to witness every single success story that gets written once a company of the appropriate size makes the move to EPDM. One such success story involves our good friends at WMD².