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GD&T – Part 2 of 3 – When to use Fancy Symbols

When to use Fancy Symbols Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is super complicated – it takes 40hrs to cover the introductory class at ASME. Honestly, as I mentioned in the previous blog, you can get away with using several symbols to cover 80% of the situations. You should be aware that GD&T is often unnecessary.Read more

GD&T QuickStart in 3 minutes

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing or GD&T Do you know what these symbols mean? I didn’t. Frankly, these symbols made me nervous as there was such a large depth of knowledge needed to understand them. The ASME course is a weeklong! Looking back, there are a few major items that you need to know in orderRead more

Why should I use DFMA?

Design for manufacturability and assembly (DFMA) is, simply put, the proper way to design equipment. The products designed that used proper DFMA have these benefits: They are faster to assemble Have a less expensive overall cost to manufacture Are easier to maintain Have fewer parts You may ask, why doesn’t everyone apply this technique?  Frankly,Read more

What is DFMA?

DFMA stands for Design for Manufacturability and Assembly.  I learned this technique during my first year of my engineering design career, back in 2000, and I have used it ever since.  When applied properly, the techniques taught during DFMA can elevate the skillset of even the most skilled designers and engineers. DFMA was created inRead more

COVID-19 Three Areas of Focus to Engineer and Design Remotely in a Crisis

An immediate shift to a remote work status can be a significant strain on any design team. In an emergency situation, confusion is likely already in the air and typical procedure and protocol is out the window.  Quick, concise decisions need to be made by your leadership team to bring everyone back on the rightRead more

Designers Wanted

We’re hiring!  If you are a self-starter, good communicator and are interested in joining the happiest team of engineers and CAD experts in Acadiana then inquire about joining our team! Click here for more info!Read more

Metal Shark PB(X) Navy WMDSquared

Customer MetalShark Wins Major Navy Contract

Having recently won a $90 million contract with the Navy for their PB(X) vessel, Metal Shark is continuing to win the hearts of the US Navy with its designs.  WMD Squared provides 3D modeling support to Metal Shark Boats. more

CRT Billet Racing Boat Engine WMD Squared

Caldwell Racing Billet Series Racing Engines Getting Noticed

Any given day of the week you will find WMD Squared’s Barrett Broussard hard at work tweaking, designing or on the phone with Caldwell Racing Technologies president Mathew Caldwell.  Barrett takes the whims and creative genius of Caldwell’s passion and makes it a reality.  The outcome are CRT’s amazing racing boat engines.  Read more aboutRead more

WMD Squared No. 1333

See INC 5000 official write up on 2015 No. 1333 2015 Inc. 5000 Rank – #1333 3-Year Growth – 312% 2014 Revenue – $2.5 M Jobs Added – 14 Read moreRead more

39 Louisiana companies make Inc. 5000 fastest-growing list

New Orleans Advocate_Aug 2015 LAFAYETTE AREA: At No. 1,333, WMD Squared, which provides mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, and drafting services to create precise manufacturing packages, grew by 312 percent over three years to $2.5 million in 2014.Read more

WMD2: An Enterprise PDM Success Story

MLC CAD SERVICES_Jan 2015 We at MLC CAD Systems are (obviously) believers in the Enterprise PDM product. Every day we get asked the question, “Why would my business need EPDM?” Luckily, it’s not a hard sell once the benefits of this amazingly powerful Product Data Management software are described. If your company is a oneRead more

Turbine Technology Powers Green Field Multi-Fuel Frack Pump

  Rigzone_March 7, 2013 Custom turbine technology has allowed Green Field Energy Services to offer hydraulic fracturing pumps that can run solely and cost-effectively on natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and field gas, along with offering oil and gas producers flexibility to use diesel and liquid fuels such asRead more