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CRT Billet Racing Boat Engine WMD Squared


CHALLENGE: Matthew Caldwell knew his engine would produce record breaking horsepower and wanted to hisknowledge and race experience into a production product line, but needed an engineering firm to get him there.  Caldwell approached WMD Squared to assist in the design and handling of the detail design drawings and specifications for the new 2.5L, 6 Cylinder, 2 Stroke engine for a drag boat outboard race engine.

APPROACH: WMD Squared worked with the client on a fast pace to produce a set of detail design drawings that they could source to any machine shop they selected. The design consisted of several existing components and several new items. The interface between the existing equipment and the new equipment was critical, and as a result GD&T as well as a CMM was required to measure and correctly tolerance the equipment to interface with existing components.

IMPACT:  The product finale consisted of Caldwell Racing Technologies booth at the Miami Boat Show in February 2016,a few short months after the project began. The booth was front and cente between Yamaha and Mercury at the show, and their engines have gotten a lot of attention as a result.  WMD Squared is still supporting this engine as well as other future engines that are in the works for CRT.


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