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CHALLENGE: A turbine driven fracking unit had been designed in a small machine shop in Franklin, LA. It worked but needed to be producible in large quantities in order for it to be a game changer in the industry. After being purchased by GFES these units need to go from being produced 1 unit every 3 months to 20 units per month.

The challenge came in tweaking the design to make it simpler for manufacturability as well as assembly. Skids for mobilization of the units would need to be created as well as power supply solutions. Detailed drawings would be needed and off the shelf parts specified. Drawings would need to be standard enough that any machine shop in the world should be able to reproduce these units but precise enough to not compromise the complexity of the design.

APPROACH: After several shop visits and meetings with original designers the WMD squared team went to work. 4 general concepts were produced in a day and presented to GFES. Upon selection WMD Squared went to work modeling the chosen concept in 3D CAD software. Working models and assemblies along with data reports from engineering analysis software confirmed the success of the design. This confirmation eliminated repeat trial and error builds that typically would have happened in the machine shop as well as reduced costs to bring this project to manufacturability status. Detailed drawings, part spec sheets and bill of materials were created. Assembly instructions and drawings were included and all work combined in multiple MP (manufacturing package) Binders allowing GFES to have a hands on physical drawing and information catalogue at their fingertips. Digital versions of all information was uploaded to WMD Squared’s cloud based system allowing GFES and vendors access anywhere in the world with a few clicks.
Following this success WMD Squared went on to design GFES Turbine Energy Skid that was powered by natural gas derived from fracking jobs done in the field. This power generations skid would go on to accompany the fracking pump allowing for a total working solution for fracking without the use of diesel.

IMPACT: GFES went on to be credited with the first ever frac pump powered 100% by field Natural Gas. GFES also won World Oil 2013 New Horizons Idea award. Turbine Technology Powers Green Field Multi-Fuel Frack Pump

PR Newswire: Green Field Energy Services Conducts First-Ever Frac Pump Test Powered 100% by Field Gas

In a world where customer requirements and expectations are in a state of constant change GFES is pleased to have a strong working relationship with WMD2. Willem and the other great folks at WMD2 respond quickly and thoroughly to all our needs from Engineering to Design to Drafting. Their timely performance on multiple projects has allowed us to move quickly to meet our customer’s needs

– Danny Foley, Greenfield Energy Services