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test frame morgan city rental


CHALLENGE: MCR approached WMD Squared to design a some equipment to test equipment as quickly as possible, with a flexible system, that was mobile and easy to bring on-site. The goal was to create a piece of equipment that was patent-able, did not infringe on any existing designs, and was easy to manufacture.

APPROACH: WMD Squared came up with several ideas on the spot, and then moved towards created several concepts for the customer to review. Once the concept was selected WMD Squared proceeded to detail design. During detail
design some loadings were discovered that significantly added to the weight of the equipment. After a brief discussion with the customer, it was decided that two different size tools would be built to simplify the equipment.

The equipment was detailed and drawings reviewed with the customer. A few minor changes were made, and then the project moved to final design phase. In the final phase only minor issues were found and as a result the final design review went quickly, and the prints were released to the fabricator shortly after. Morgan City Rental assembled the equipment without any issues, due in part to the thorough review by WMD Squared, along with their expertise.

IMPACT: The customer now has a new source of revenue: Rapid on-site testing.