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CHALLENGE: GreenField Energy Services and General Electric met with WMD Squared to work on a rapid prototype of a generator system. The equipment needed to be designed and prototyped in 6 months, ready to go into production at the rate of 2 per week.

The challenge came in selecting the appropriate components to meet the requirements outlined by both General Electric and GreenField Energy Systems.

APPROACH: The design of this system followed WMD Squared’s typical ͞”Design Flow” process. We met with the customer and their engineering team to collaborate and determine several concepts for the overall layout of the equipment. There were several engineering disciplines to accommodate for as well as concern regarding water ingress, hazardous equipment rating, cooling needs, safety of high RPM Military Turbine and accommodation for robotic processing of the components.

The design process also involved General Electric, which included a full review of WMD Squared’s archival and approval process. General Electric was very impressed and had no issues with the automated system that was in place.

This was a rapid prototyping of the equipment, and the first one was built with only small modifications required, enabling the fabricator to launch directly into production, as is quite normal for WMD Squared’s designs.

IMPACT: GFES was able to finish the equipment design and build in record time. General Electric and their team of 8 engineers present at the design review gates were impressed with the design and equipment.