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CHALLENGE: WMD Squared worked for Truston Technologies Inc to submit an RFQ (Request for Quotation) to be awarded a project for the furnishing of a DDG Ship Separator with Foam-Filled Fenders for the US Navy. This project was to be awarded by the government to the company that submitted a technically acceptable proposal at the lowest evaluated estimated price. The three major areas where the project needed to be “Technically Acceptable” were corporate experience, capabilities, and preliminary design.

APPROACH: WMD Squared submitted a complete package and was awarded this project. Corporate Experience was achieved by submitting WMD Squared’s experience with design, constructing, machining, and welding various marine separator float-type vessels with equipment similar to those described in the scope of work. Three contracts needed to be submitted within the past 6 years, and a matrix was to be provided that detailed the contract number, type of contract, dollar value, period of performance, work description, scope of work, and name of each customer.

Capabilities were shown by demonstrating WMD Squared’s capability to provide equipment and facilities to accomplish the required machining and welding tasks, to provide personnel, and to demonstrate a thorough and technical command in the company’s preliminary design, as well as a structured approach to meet the requirements identified under the scope of work.

Preliminary Design was shown by providing

  • WMD did the complete analysis and design of two different units to meet the US Navy requirements.  The image shown is of the proposed Mark 2 Design.
  • a top and side profile drawing of the proposed DDG Ship Separator design shown in the deployed position with reference to the waterline and the entire equipment inventory installed
  • dimensional tolerances and load and performance calculations that demonstrate the DDG Ship Separator will meet the energy, reaction forces, and load absorption characteristics.
  • A set of detailed fabrication drawings with detailed lists of materials
  • a lifting sketch/rigging diagram
  • a description of DDG Ship Separator mechanical lifting and pull tests by padeyes
  • a description of float tests, buoyance, stability, load, pitch and roll minimizing, and application of any ballasting
  • a description of weld maps/diagrams

IMPACT: The design was completed and submitted to Truston Technologies Inc. for a bid with NAVSEA at the US NAVY. With the complete design package, Truston was able to accurately estimate and quote all phases of the design from purchasing material to fabrication, coating, and weld inspection.