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Optimized for Urgent Output

Automation engineering and drafting solutions tailored for tight timelines.

When it comes to automation, our clients have a lot on their plate. On one hand, they need to meet the demands of customers. On the other, they also need to develop better products to compete in their own market. With so many efforts in motion, this often requires additional engineering support to make it all happen — on time and within budget. 

This is where our team comes in. WMD Squared Engineering works closely with each client to determine the priority of urgent needs. Using our proprietary engineering process, we’re able to quickly devise a production plan, modify drafting templates and update standards to match their specific requirements. As a result, we work as an effective extension of their team.

WMD Squared’s background in manufacturing production gives your team a unique edge for problem solving. Drawing from our experience with OSHA, CE Marking, and 3-D CAD Drafting, we can quickly produce documents needed for the next step of production while attacking issues from angles that traditional solutions alone couldn’t deliver.