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Cristy Guidry

Cristy Guidry

Co-Founder, Board Member

Cristy’s industrial design background is varied. She began her career early, working for a startup Lafayette, LA plastic injection molding company. She was responsible for setting up their ISO 9000 system as well as responsible for designing and hands-on experience making plastic molds. At AB Sciex in Canada she oversaw the mechanical equipment specification for the company for multiple R&D and sustaining projects as well as overflow CAD work. Being fast and effective at her role helped her easily manage the 1000’s of parts she was responsible for. In addition to being a mother of 4 she is the silent partner for WMD Squared responsible for organizing the staff culture. Her role at WMD Squared also includes future forecasting, growth strategy, marketing requirements and legal responsibilities.


  • Three years of Mechanical Engineering at University of Louisiana at Lafayette