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Barrett Broussard

Barrett Broussard

Senior Designer/EPDM Administrator

Barrett Broussard is a Senior Designer at WMD² with a background in Industrial Design and 12 years of 3d modeling experience. His specialty is reverse engineering anything mechanical to put it into a clean cut 3D package for mass manufacturing. This comes from a background in working hands on with engines, suspensions, and electronics. He is accustomed to designing to GD&T standards, which help assure that the final product fits together every single time with a proper tolerance stack-up. At WMD² Barrett can help transfer your ideas from paper into a digital form, making your product able to be produced by any manufacturing facility that you choose.


  • ULL Industrial Design/Visual Arts,
  • Certified Solidworks Professional (C-JAGET4YZPX), CSWPA-DT
  • Certified Solidworks Drawings (C-HV2PX24Q46), CSWPA-WD
  • Certified Solidworks Weldments (C-6CSJ9724VL),
  • AutoCAD Certification @ Cad Institute