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Brandon Saintes

Senior Designer

While attending Louisiana Technical College in 2005 , Brandon Saintes began his career working part time at a small fabrication shop where he made drawings in Autocad. After graduating in 2007 with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences, he moved to a new company specializing in the design and fabrication of oilfield equipment. During his time there, he learned about different facets of the oilfield and became skilled at 3D Modeling in Solidworks and Inventor.

Today, Brandon has 13 years of design and fabrication experience under his belt. He lives in Lafayette with his wife Ashley and their two children, Jameson and Marlie. In his spare time, he enjoys sports and cooking.


  • Associate degree from Louisiana Technical College Teche Area Campus
  • Certification for Mechanical Design Professional Level – C-HWDNA5YZLC
  • Certification for Mechanical Design Associate Level – C-HV7RNGKZX8